Relevance of Satyagraha !

We were discussing relevance of Satyagraha in current India.

What’s Satyagraha?

Satyagraha literally means insistence on truth.
Gandhi said “With Satya (truth) combined with ahimsa (non violence), you can bring the world to your feet.” Fasting, Civil Disobedience are (or rather were) potent weapons in the Satyagraha

Most recent Satyagraha, was the fight against reservation by students across India. There were peace marches across India. Many students fasted for days.
Striking resident doctors and medical students of five medical colleges, sweept roads in New Delhi on April 27 to protest against the proposed quota for Other Backward Classes in central universities and colleges

What happened at the end ?

Government decided to go ahead, and implemented the policy. It just didn't seem to have mattered to the government.

Satyagraha holds no relevance in current India.

To get justice or to fight for truth, I guess the best way would be, the not so "just" path; What if the students who were protesting the reservation policy kidnap some politician’s (Say Arjun Singh’s) kith and kin ? What would happen? Justice would be done immediatly :-D. What say?


Anonymous said...

GOOD ONE! Impressed... wow gold opportunity.

Casy said...

Kidnapping isn't the solution :) I suggest... stone the politicians, shave their heads and put them in prison at "kalapani"... better still we should join politics and reform our nation.