Voila!! Cough Vanished!!

Grape season is in. I ate up lot of those black grapes. The result was sore throat, cold and coughs. Cough was draining my energy. Tried the cough syrups Benadryl / Kaasni, but these gave a temporary relief. Finally, I was reminded of an age old remedy for cough.

After dinner, took a bulb of garlic, stuck it to the tip of a long knife. And barbecued it on the flame of the gas stove till it felt tender. I peeled the garlic and popped them into my mouth. When I woke up in the morning, Voila!! My throat was all clear, no more coughs.

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Hardu said...

Wow! That was really fast. I didn't know of this remedy. Though I dont like garlic, I guess I can still manage to eat it as medicine if it cures so soon. I catch cough and cold very soon.