Ooops !!

My brother-in-law and I keep designing ways of pulling each others legs. Many a time, I would hide his helmet, and he would search for it under the tables, sofa, and bed so on... and on and on :-).

Yesterday, I saw his helmet lying on the sofa unattended.
Wow!! What a chance!!! I scooped the helmet and rushed to the refrigerator and hid it :-). Hmmmmm!! Now, my brother-in-law can never find it!!! I sat watching the television, or rather guarding the refrigerator.

Why is my brother-in-law taking longer than usual to get ready?!! God!! When will he start searching? Finally, he got ready, and walked out with his helmet, and said a bye. Hey wait a minute?! Where did he get the helmet from?! I was around all the time and he never opened the refrigerator. Curious, I opened the refrigerator, helmet was still there. Are my eyes playing tricks?? How is it possible??
Oooops!! It was my helmet!!!

Previous night, I had left my helmet on the sofa, instead of putting it on the rack. Since, our helmets look similar and I was in a hurry, I didn't bother to check whose helmet it was. So my helmet was sitting in the refrigerator all cold :-( :-(.

In News:
Karnataka Mandates Wearing Helmets


enigma said...

Wear your cold helmet and cool down ;-)

Sandeep said...

Moral of the story , wear your helmet before hiding others for safety :)

~Shelly.D.Jelly~ said...

Hahaha..a funny story indeed!