Life is Short

Universe is unfathomable,
World is vast,
Mysteries are many,
History is deep,
To explore all, life is short.

So much to learn,
So much to see,
So much to do,
To do all, life is short.

There is so much to see, learn and do in this short life.
I want to master a lot of things - music, TT, dance, technology, sketching, painting, cooking ....... and the list goes on; ofcourse roam a lot of places.
But, life might be just Short !!!!!!


enigma said...

Hey Vin, Good to see ur first blog! Looking fwd to see more!!

D said...

There is approx. 22,000 days only out of which half is gone. :-).
So.... 11,000 days onlyyyyyyy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Good I always said you are good at "Penning Thoughts"...looking forward to read more blogs from you.