Alarm in the lift

When we enter a lift, we notice there are many buttons; some indicate the floor numbers, one to keep the door open, one to close the door so on. But,I always wondered what the button with "Bell" symbol would do.
Where the alarm would be set off? What would be done after that?

Couple of months ago, IBM was stationed in Symphony building in Bangalore. I was working there. Lifts in the building had catchy yellow button with a nice picture of a bell. Very Tempting!!!

One of the days, 2 of my friends and me, took the lift on 3rd floor, to go to the canteen in 8th floor. The button with the bell, was tempting, beckoning me!!

Me: Shall I press that Button??
S: Sure go ahead
Me: Sure !!
S: Sureee!!

My fingers slowly n gently pressed the button. A louddddddddd alarm went off in the entire building!!!!! oh God !!

S: What have u done !!
I was rolling in laughter, while S clasped her palms together and started shivering.

Lift reached 8th floor, doors slowly opened. Security in 8th floor, people who were heading for lunch, had dropped silent, waiting for the lift to arrive and staring as we stepped out.

We gently, turned our identity badges so that our names are not read, hurried out of the lift. Me still giggling, S still shivering, I knew S woundn't spare me for putting her through this ordeal.


Anonymous said...

neen ond kothi S onde dodd kothi !! -vin

D said...

That's typical you!!! :-)

A said...

he he he, you seriously did that Vin...again you can do it:))

A said...

Vin re...aur blogs likhne wali thi...kahan hai...waiting for some more such incidents