Naughty Vaibhav

We had a dark brown sandel soap and a regular brown sandal soap for bath in the bathroom. Karthik and Vaibhav both wanted the light coloured sandal soap for some reason. Vaibhav didn't want to share it. So, the previous evening he took the light coloured sandal soap and hid behind the bucket. Next day morning when Raj took both the kids for bathing, Karthik demanded the light colour soap. Raj looked for it everywhere, asked me and asked the kids but the soap was not to be found. Vaibhav stood quiet all the while. Once Karthik soap part was done and Vaibhav soaping was to start,Vaibhav innocently puts his hand behind the bucket and pulls out the light coloured soap.
Raj and me were immensely amused but hid out amusement to avoid any anger out breaks from Karthik or Vaibhav. 

Do you know AdhiTala

Vaibhav came from school and he immediately asked me "Amma ninage adi thala alli estu beats antha gotha? "  

Some achievement in mycity4kids

I began to blog on as a mother. I wrote about a child abuse incident that happened in my apartment. I wanted to create awareness and also let people know that there are organisations that support parents in such situations. But least expected it to be the trending blog with more than 6lac views in span of two days. The article had 2k shares and 1.5k likes on facebook.

chota bheem style

In some conversation I was talking about thieves to Vaibhav. So, Vaibhav suddenly said, "amma, when thieves comes next time, you throw laddus at me. I will eat laddus and do disoom dishoom to theives and they will run away". All in chota bheem style!!

Why no shorts?

Vaibhav asks "Amma, why do you always wear pants, why not shorts?". I asked him, "Why should I wear shorts?". He responded "Appa, Karthik and Vaibhav all wear shorts. Why do you only wear pants and not shorts? !!". 

You feed Appa

Vaibhav said, I am 3 years old and so I am a big boy. So, I replied, "Well!! you don't eat by yourself yet. big people eat by themselves. I eat by myself, aunty eats by herself, appa eats by himself.". Immediatly, Karthik pitched in and said "Appa, doesn't eat by hemself". I asked him, "If so, then who feeds him". Instantly, without a thought he replied "You feed him".  Maids started laughing. I was struck and embarssed. I asked him when has he seen me feeding his father. For which he replied, that I had fed him Grapes. Then I remembered I had fed mangoes (not grapes) to all the three men of my life about a day ago. He was narrating that. 

Cuteness overloaded

Raj asked me to pull out a ceramic mug from store, since he wanted to drink hot water at office. Night before I started sloka practice for kids, I pulled out the mug and kept it on iron table. After 30 min shloka practice I put kids to sleep. Morning routine began. We woke up at 6:30 am. At 7 am when I was talking to raj, I saw vaibhav walking out of the room with the mug in his hand and handed over to his Appa. He was still half asleep, and the I put him back to sleep. But what I wonder is, as soon as he woke up he remembered that his Appa needed the mug.