Naughty Vaibhav

We had a dark brown sandel soap and a regular brown sandal soap for bath in the bathroom. Karthik and Vaibhav both wanted the light coloured sandal soap for some reason. Vaibhav didn't want to share it. So, the previous evening he took the light coloured sandal soap and hid behind the bucket. Next day morning when Raj took both the kids for bathing, Karthik demanded the light colour soap. Raj looked for it everywhere, asked me and asked the kids but the soap was not to be found. Vaibhav stood quiet all the while. Once Karthik soap part was done and Vaibhav soaping was to start,Vaibhav innocently puts his hand behind the bucket and pulls out the light coloured soap.
Raj and me were immensely amused but hid out amusement to avoid any anger out breaks from Karthik or Vaibhav. 

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