Mango Gulamba or Mango Jam

When my mother in law made mango gulamba at home, I immediate became its fan. I made it multiple times, as long as the mango season lasted.

Raw Totapuri Mango Medium size 1
Sugar 1/2 the quantity of the Totapuri Mango pieces

1. Totapuri Mango must be medium raw, it must have a slight yellow tinge.
2. Cut the mango into small slices.
3. Measure the mango pieces in a measuring cup.
4. In the same measuring cup measure the sugar.  Sugar must be exactly half the quantity of mango pieces
5. Add the sugar to a thick bottom vessel and add half cup water, and heat it on low flame.
6. Keep stirring the sugar syrup, until you get the sugar thickness to be one string. Other way to know is, when u add a drop of sugar syrup into water, it must stay and not scatter away.
7. Once the syrup has reached the required consistency, add the mango pieces.
8. Keep stirring the mango pieces in the sugar syrup regularly.
9. When the mango pieces must become a little transparent, hold up one piece of mango in a spoon and watch it, if it flattens then the Gulamba is done.
10. Remove the vessel from the flame and cool it before eating.
This will taste like jam and can be used in place of jam.

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