PapNash Shiva temple - Bidar

On the trip to Bidar we visited PapNash Shiva temple.

The temple

Legend goes that this idol was installed by Lord Sri Rama on his way back from Lanka to Ayodhya. It is said that till a couple of years ago, during the Shivratri festival snakes would visit the temple.

Main ShivaLinga

Temple is usually crowded, since we went by 9 a.m. there wasn't much crowd. There is a big ShivaLinga in the sanatorium. There are three small Shivalingas in the temple complex. We were allowed to touch the ShivaLinga and perform puja for that. We took coconuts / flowers and incense sticks from the nearby stall. We got abhisheka done, it costed 51 Rs.

Three ShivaLingas in temple

There is nothing to eat around the place. The stalls nearby sell bottled water and cold drinks.

There are no frequent buses to this spot. Easiest method was auto.

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