Narasimha Zarni - Bidar

When we were on the Bidar tour, we visited Narasimha Zarni. I had heard about this temple from Kavitha way back in 2005. Since, then I had wanted to visit this place. And Narasimha Zarni is the the best temple experince I ever had till date.


Narasimha in the Cave

The legend goes that, Lord Narasimha after killing Hiranyakashpu, proceeded to kill a demon named Jalasura. Jalasura was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. After he was killed by Lord Narasimha, Jalasura turns into water starts flowing from Lord's feet. And to this day water keeps flowing from lord’s feet and fills the cave.

The Cave

So, to reach the lord we will have to wade through a 300 feet long cave, with water about 4 feet deep. Bats hanging from the cave's ceiling add to the thrill. Lighting and ventilation have been recently installed. The water is a little muddy, since it is flowing water it is not uncomfortable to walk thorugh it.

ShivaLinga, Jalasura worshipped

At the end of the cave we have Lord Narasimha and also the Shiva linga which Jalasura was worshiping. There is very less place to stand, around 8 people can see the lord at once. If there are more people they have to wait in water.

We took tickets for entry and also coconuts for the puja. We rented a locker there for 10 Rs and put in out extra pair of clothes and towels. There is some kind of place for women to change, not very comfortable. Since the water is 4 feet deep it is advisable not to carry anything when we go in. At the entrance, the purohits offer to take us inside and do the puja. The puja was done well. We were allowed to do the abhisheka and offer flowers to the lord. At the end of the puja, the purohit asked us to offer 101 /201 / 501 Rs as contribution to annadanna.

Once out, it didn't take more than 10 minutes for our clothes to dry.

We need to have a bath before we have get to see the Lord. So people have a bath in water fountain outside the temple before entering the cave.

Eat Outs:
There are no places to eat here. There are small tea shops though.

Auto is the best mode to reach this place.


alwaysrohit said...

INR 101 /201 / 501 - is that supposed to be bribe ?

srinath said...

No.. not a bribe. I have been to this temple last sunday and it has been an awesome experience. It was a trip to Tuljapur and Bidar to see two of my beloved gods maa Bhavani and lord Narasimha.At Narasimha Zarni, The purohit asks to pay any amount of the devotee's wish for annadaana - a social cause. And it is not a bribe.

Lakshmi narasimha swamy ki.. JAI

Anonymous said...

I have visited this a good place with Adhyatmika bhavana. Very varied experience in places sacred nature. we have peaceful darshan there.


santosh said...