The Tale of My Eyeliner :-)

Well, when I go to office I am a plain Jane. I wear crisp cotton dresses a matching watch, many times matching bindi, rarely matching earrings.

Babitha comes to office dressed to perfection. She wears matching earrings / watch / lipstick / bindi and always puts on eye liner. Many a time I complimented her for her neat looks. She sugested I put on eyeliner or at least lipstick which would enhance my looks too. Put on eyeliner and lipstick!! No way!! What an effort to do that. And I wasn't good at putting on eyeliner. I asked her to give me a demo of the same sometime :-).

Today, Babitha noticed I wore watch and earring matching my dress and she offered eyeliner and lipstick. We went to the restroom and she put some eyeliner on me. It could immediately see the difference. I applied some lipstick too. I thought I looked good.
Now, B and I headed to meet Prashanthi. Prashanthi was almost shocked to see me :-). By then I had smudged some of my eyeliner. So Babitha and Prashanthi cleaned it for me.

So much is happening in Cube then how is it possible that Rajan would not react. Rn along with Sarferazul sang "Sajana ne re muje...." :-). Asked me why I was decorating myself. Sarferazul said that adding eyeliner enhanced the beauty of the eyes; only person who gave some good complement ;-).

Rajesh saw me and he came down to my cube and said, "Did you listen to Radio mirchi today, they were talking about how much time women spend in dressing and they spend about 300+ hours" :-)). I walked to Rajat's cube to get some suggestions, he gave a strange look and said U look like a ghost!!

Prasad saw me and said "you look so different. Something different about your eyes. Were you wearing glasses before? Or are you wearing glasses now!!!" rofl. Then I had to tell him that I am just wearing eyeliner.

Next, it was Arul's turn. He looked at me quizzically and asked, "Are you not well!!!”. Prasad and couple of others could make out the difference and they went into peals of laughter. Arul, apologetically asked "Is it something I shouldn't have asked". I explained that it was my eyeliner.

Back at my desk, Prashanthi suggested I clear off the eyeliner as they were thick. I said who will look at me now and half day was done. I added "well, it is just Rajan around". Instantly Rajan added, "You dressed for me. Wow!! I am feeling shy”! We went into peals of laughter.

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nitiN suranA said...

beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.... i dont know who said it but he said it aptly...personally i think simplicity is the best form of makeup coz it brings the natural glow in you
i would admit even i was in a bit of shock when i first saw you with all the makeup on, .... but then what i would say is who cares, one should live for himself/herself, if people love you, they will come along anyways...