How I miss the evening walks with you mom!

Till I got married in 2004, I would go out for evening walks with my mom every weekend. I enjoyed this walk so much, mainly because my mom would be giving me all her attention. We would walk all the way from home to Bhasayam circle, which is the shopping area in Rajajinagar. We would buy vegetables and groceries.

Mom would buy me bindis / bangles / clothes / slippers / purses what not. I always admire the way she bargains. Even to this day she always succeeds in getting a very good deal.

We would talk about everything - relatives, about my future, about my brother and father, her childhood, her married life, trails and tribulations of life. She would often consult many astrologers and tell me how bright my future will be.
We would got to Shanti Sagar and have some chat. She loved to eat Dahi puri and I would eat Masala puri. If we didn't eat chat, we would eat some puffs or toast at the bakery. We would drink some tender coconut or some juice.

I miss those walks so much. I wish I was not so busy in life. I wish I lived closer to my mom’s house.

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