Amazing trip – Waynad – Day 1

21 April, 2011
All I knew was, I am going to Waynad for three days, and I didn't check the itenary Kavi had sent. I just saw the list of items need to be taken and the time of pick up and was all set.

22nd April, 2011
Kavi, Anitha and Joe picked me from my home at 5:45 am. We then picked Suvarna and Nawnit and were off towards Waynad!!
The party!

We crossed Mysore and entered Bandipur. Weather was amazing, and I just loved the drive. We stopped on a way to relish the nature, also saw a deer, rooster and some elephants.

River in Bandipur

 Elephant at Bandipur forest

Nature at Bandipur
We stopped at the check post, to enter Kerala. There was a beautiful field and sheds right across the road
and whole thing looked like “Dil hai ki behain hai…..” song scene from "Taal" movie.

Taal Scene - Border of Waynad
As we headed to get some snaps, it started pouring. We took shelther under the sheds and it was real fun :-). When rain subsided, we took snaps and watched nature.

After the check post we stopped for the Ponkuzhi river and Shrirama temple at around 1pm. Temple was closed by 12 pm, so we went around and saw how the temple was built.

SriRama Temple

Ponkuzhi river

We stopped at the Battery in Sultan Bathery. It was formerly a jain temple, which was converted into a battery by Tipu Sultan. The temple doesn't have the idol nor any great carvings or architecture. The place has historical importance, otherwise nothing much to see there.
We got delayed by rain and at the checkpost. So, by the time we checked in to Wynd Valley Resort, Kalpetta, it was already 3:30 pm. So we couldn't visit the Banasura sagar dam. Instead we visited the Karapuzha earth dam.


Karapuzha earth dam
Sun was setting when we reached the place. The combination of the orange sun, greenery and water made the whole place look like a painter's paradise.
God's painting at Karapuzha Dam

We headed back to the hotel and had a delicious dinner - Appam and Veg kurama at a nearby hotel.  

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