Rushed out of the fridge

Now days, when I talk, my thoughts overlap and I end up mixing two conversations and end result is hilarious.
At my office there are six lifts, of which one lift doesn't stop at 2nd floor (My work floor) due to technical issues. On Thursday 24th March, my parents got a new fridge. Following morning on 25th March, on the way to office, I spoke to my mother about the fridge. I reached office, ended the call and entered the lift. Couple of known faces entered the lift; I greeted them with a "Good morning". Just before the lift started closing its doors, I realised that I was in the lift which wouldn't open at 2nd floor. I immediately said "oops!! This fridge won't open in 2nd floor" and rushed out of the lift.
In the background I heard someone saying "What??” I realized what I had just said, laughed to myself.

Once my laptop was up, I pinged my friend Deepa who worked in the same building and narrated her the story:

Vin: Hi da
Deepa: Hi
Vin: you know what happened today?
Vin: I was talking to my mom on phone, about new fridge they bought. I entered the lift that doesn't work for 2nd floor.
Vin: couple of colleagues entered the lift, I realized that I had entered the wrong lift.  I immediately said "oops!! This fridge won't open in 2nd floor" and rushed out of the Fridge.
Vin: It was pretty funny.
Deepa: U seem to be confused soul today, you still are saying "Rushed out of the Fridge"

It looked like I was really confused that day.


Anonymous said...

lovely works. thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

lovely work. thanks for sharing