Soft Idlis – Kunigal

Sometime in August 2009, Dad and mom had been to Hassan. While returning, the car driver stopped at Kunigal for a quick snack of idlis. Since, then my mom has always praised those idlis. On Jan 31st, when we planned for temple near Hassan, my mom made sure we stopped by that hotel for breakfast.

In Kunigal, opposite to the Office of Talasildhar, is small road side eatery "sri Siddalingeshwara". Just by myself I would have never gone into that eat out. But, mom had already said so much about it, and I saw a fleet of cars at the hotel, so I decide to try it out.

The hotel is run by a young lady, and is just but a space covered with asbestos sheet, few chairs and tables around, and runs just on trust basis. People go in, order and a helper just fills a plate with their order and hands it to them. And no note made of the order. Once the person is done, will go to the cash counter and tell what he has eaten and pay the amount!!!!

We ordered idlis, they were amazingly soft and had sprouts, onions and green dill leaves. Apart from idlis they had crispy yummy vadas and pulav. Tea and coffee was just perfect. It was ages since I had such perfect beverage. The recipes were handed over to the owner by her fathers, who use to run that eatery earlier.
If you pass Kunigal, it is a must stop.