A visit to Channapatna

25th January we started off to Channapatna. We started from Bangalore at 9:15 am. We had breakfast at the Kaddu Mane at Bidadi. The hotel was over crowded but we managed to get a table and eat some un-cooked rava idlis.

Our first destination was Kengal:

5 kms before channapatna right beside the highway is the Kengal Anjaneya temple. Temple is a huge complex with ample space for parking and relaxing for a while.
The Lord is 5.5 feet tall, has moustaches. In temple are the Rama/Sita and Lakshman; and Venkateshwara-Lakshmi idols. These were installed by Vyasa Raya. We got an archana done.

Second destination was Devara Hosa Halli:
From Kengal Temple take a devation into the village. About 4 kms inside there is another Anjaneya temple. Inside the santorium along with the Anjaneya is the Ugra Narashima. UgraNarashima is installed in the inner wall of the snatorium. After the puja, the priest will hold a mirror to show us the UgraNarashima. These idols too were installed by Vysaraya. This raod is pretty bad and driving is painful. If you proceed on this road you will get the Kanva ashrama and Kanva dam. We couldn't make it there.

Third desitnation was the Aprameya Swamy and Ambegal Krishna Temple at Mallur:
Mallur or Doda Mallur is 2 km from Channapata on the Mysore highway. The temple is situated close to the highway. It is a huge and old temple complex. Make sure you go around the temple slowly and not hurry. The main deity is the Aprameya. The Ambegal Krishna is made out of a single saligrama stone and is very cute. This Krishna is said to have inspired Purandara Dasa to write "Jagadodharana Aadisidale Yashoda ....".

We returned to Bangalore by 8 pm.

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Ekawaaz said...

You people had fun, well nice pics. I been to Andaman recently its so lovely out there....You should also visit there once..