Lamp and Prediction

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In all the prasna, or in all karmas, the lamp plays a prominent part, a messenger of the future. If the flame is plaeasant and bright, it forebodes good. Lets see how the knowledge about the lamp and the flame helps us in finding out more about a muhurtha or an event.

Evil is prognosticated, if the flame of the lamp
1. moves in anticlockwise direction
2. is not bright
3. emits sparks frequently
4. too small in shape
5. suddenly put of inspite of good oil and wick
6. extinguishes even after continuous effort to keep it lighted
7. makes cracking sound
8. it shakes to and from without wind

Following conditions of the flame forebode auspiciousness, prosperity and success, if the flame of the lamp-
1. is fairly dense and long in appearance
2. moves in clockwise direction
3. strady and bright
4. produces no sound
5. pleasant to look at
6. has golden or jewel like hue
7. burn straight and without bending

The different parts of the lamp represent following parts of a native:
1. Oil in the lamp- Physical body- Moon
2. Wick- Soul- Sun
3. Flame- Longevity- Fiery element (Mars, Sun)
4. Brightness or otherwise- Happiness or misery (Jupiter/ Saturn)
5. The can, its size and shape- The house
6. Breeze/ Wind- Friends/ Associates/ Enemies

From the cleanliness of the different part of the lamp, different things can be predicted. For peace and auspiciousness at home, the lamp is supposed to be clean and sparkling. There should not be any dirt and carbon shoot in the body/ oil or wick.

Because lamp represents fiery element, it should be made of articles represented by fiery planets Sun or Mars, such as gold, copper, brass or even earth. It should never be made up of silver or glass, whichh are governed by watery planet Moon, otherwise this might forebode great danger shown by Gandanta (Combination of Fire and Water).

The bent of fire towards different directions shows different things such as:
1. East (Indra)- Prosperity
2. South East (Agni)- Fear from Fire
3. South (Yama)- Death
4. South West (Nirriti)- Diseases like epilepsy or sudden fits
5. West (Varuna)- Peace, improvement of conditions
6. North West (Vayu)- Poverty, decline in the present conditions
7. North (Kubera)- The native had recovered from great danger to his life
8. North East (Isana)- General good health
9. Vertically upwards (Anant)- The native shall gain and success in his endeavors

While putting the query, if the articles given as donation to the astrologer is kept in the direction which happens to be signified by the rasi occuypied by Gulika at the time of query, in the 8th from the prasna arudha or 8th from the janma rasi of the native, then great danger to the native’s life is awaiting hium.

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