Glass Painting

hmmm.. I resumed glass painting. Well! If you ask when was I even doing it, to have stopped it and then resume it :-). Then, let me tell you, I was doing this when I was at school, hmmm or maybe when I was in my initial years of college. Now, after
saying a "Wow", you are going to ask how many such paintings did I do and for how long did I have this hobby going? Right ???? Well, I just did one painting :-).

Now, a casual conversation with one of my friends prompted me to resume this. She had just completed one glass painting of hers. The conversation bought back into my memory those vivid and bright colours. Now this was all way back in January 2008.

In June 2008, I happened to visit Sapana Book Store and then I bought a set of glass paints. My company had given us photo frames for attending an event. That was just lying on my table. It looked like it was just waiting for me :-). Searched the internet for some good designs on glass paintings and found quite a lot. I chose the one with parrots. I took print of it.
Now I was all set.

Procedure for Glass painting:
1. I stuck the print of the design underneath the glass.
2. Traced the outline of the design with the outliner that comes along with the glass paint.
3. I left the design to dry for an hour.
4. Used a blade to make the outlines even and thin.
5. Then clean the glass with a cloth.
6. Started filling the colors.
7. Left the painting to dry.

Sounds easy, isn't it? Well! It isn't.

First time when I put the outlines, they became really thick. Later scraping those using blade became a pain. So I removed the entire outline and re-did everything. When I put the outlines second time, I did it part by part, so scraping out the lines was easier. When I started filling the colors, I realized that, I shouldn't fill two different colours, adjacent to each other at the same time. It will just mix. I had to scrape out some colours. So I filled in one colour, waited for it to dry and then used the other colour. The whole process took me around one and half months of time.

When it stood ready all painted, it looked beautiful.

I was proud of myself.

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MochaSourcream said...

Wow... it looks nice... how to scrape off a bit of outline to make it thinner? I tried to make my outline thinner but can't...