It is my Buffalo!!

There were two farmers living in the neighboring villages of Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. Both these farmers had their own flocks of buffaloes. They let their buffaloes graze in the same lands. A new buffalo was born.

Both the farmers claimed that the new buffalo was sired by one of the buffaloes in their flock. This broke into a quarrel. The quarrel wouldn’t end till the police intervened. Now, how could the police tell as to whose flock sired the new buffalo??
How is this feud resolved? Any guesses?? DNA test!!!

The farmers are going for the paternity test of the buffalo. DNA test would cost them 10,000 Rupees, while the buffalo itself would cost them 4,000 Rupees. After the test, the farmer having made a false claim of ownership would have to bear the cost of DNA.

It is really a strange world!!



phatichar said...

This is called 'Do rupay ki murgi, char rupay ka masala'.

After all, truth is stranger than fiction, huh? :)

code pirate said...

i actually fell on the floor reading this. Its a weird world after all.

Gini said...

He he he.. This is extremely funny. What all people can do for pride and ego. :D

Casy said...

Oh my God! Their act is despicable!

Krishnan said...

ha ha....egoistic idiotic people...atleast they could spend that 10000 on some noble cause...atleast a DNA test that could tell the vaccinations needed for that life...:(

ekawaaz said...

This is what we call "Never Give Up" fight till end. No Surrender :) I hope DNA test will come in some one favours, but I wonder what will happen if DNA test says the new buffalo DNA doesnt match with both the buffalo? You never know the truth. :)

Vin said...

Phatichar: Yea.. truth is stranger is fiction... but when i read this article on news, i laughed a lot.

Code Pirate: Thanks for visiting my blog. It is defeinlty a strange world!! :-)

Gini: Thanks for visiting my blog. As Phatichar says, truth is strange than fiction.

Casy: I absolutely concur with you.

Krishnan: yes... in phatichar's words "Truth is stranger than fiction"

Ekawaaz: I couldn't help but laugh.. i can't imagine that scenario... :-)

itchingtowrite said...

HA HA . TRY CAlculating how much money the buffalo will bring in and then see if the 10K is worth fighting for?

ekawaaz said...


Any updates about DNA test? I am just curious to know result..:)